Control Box Controller

Archive for June 24th, 2020

Button Box with Dash Display & Gear Indicator for ETS ATS Control Panel Truck Sim —

7 Buttons w/ 12 Functions S1RD- Compatible with PC. All the buttons are momentary, mini three-way-toggle comes with ON-OFF-ON, 2 functions each. Ignition switch has two functions, both clockwise and anti-clockwise turns, comes with two spare keys. W/ Gear Indicator- various animations to select from. W/ Dash Display- available to customize display to meet your […]

KUPA ManiPro Passport Portable Nail File Drill MERMAID CONTROL BOX ONLY —

KUPA MANIPro Passport LIMITED EDITION (MERMAID). This powerful, all new exclusive, portable electric nail file has been designed for the Professional Nail Technicians who demand power and portability. The MANIPro Passport Control Box features a light weight battery powered Acetone Resistant Finish control box. This unit can provide anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of […]