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Hori Arcade Fighting Stick Multi SNES, PC Engine, MEGADRIVE Boxed tested-b306 —

Hori Fighting Stick Multi for PC Engine (Turbografx16), Super Famicom (SNES), MEGADRIVE (SEGA GENESIS). Fighting stick: This controller pad is tested in the condition as you can see in the pictures. Accessories: Conection cable for MEGA DRIVE and Super Famicom are included. PC Engine cable is missing. The box has dents and damages including scratches. […]

Hori Gamecube Digital Controller Pad Black GC NO Box Japan F/S —

To customers Thank you for coming to my site. We are trying to provide “Plus Alpha Value” that we can not get elsewhere. South America and Africa area is an additional charge. (The EMS costs an additional charge). About other area, please ask me. We can guarantee items when there are some troublesDamage, loss… And […]